5 Awesome Pieces of Terrain for Elder Scrolls Call to Arms

Recently I’ve been on the lookout for some awesome pieces of terrain to use in Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, the tabletop miniatures game from Modiphius set in the world of Tamriel. So I've done what I usually do and have scoured the internet to see what hidden gems of terrain I can find. Any of the pieces I’ll show you today would work great in any fantasy tabletop game and as with previous times where I’ve done this, if you want to check out any of the pieces of terrain I talk about in today's article you can find a link to them down in the description of the video accompaniment. Most of the companies I showcase are small independent companies so I’d encourage you to check them out, see what they have on offer and consider supporting them. Now, let's get into the terrain…

1. Medieval Rural Set - P-Work Games

So first off we have the medieval rural set from P-Work games, what I love about this set is that it’s really an all-in-one kit for your tabletop. With two buildings, a well and some fencing you have all you need to create a farmstead scenario and equally the two buildings can be customised further as they have interiors for you to place scatter terrain into. This whole set comes unpainted and will need some assembly but what I equally love is the price-tag which is just under 30 Euro which I think is a great price for what you’re getting here.

2. Malefic Circle - TT Combat

Next, we have the Malefic Circle from the folks over at TT Combat, now this really reminded me of the ritual stone circles that you can come across while traveling off the beaten path in Skyrim and I think with a bit of imagination and some decent hobby-ing you could really weather this up to create a mossy ritual circle of your own. This is definitely a piece you’d use to augment your tabletop and for £6 I think the price tag equally reflects that. It’s a great piece that is really easy to assemble and the folks over at TT Combat equally have a whole range of dungeon terrain for you to have a look at.

3. Ophidian Archway - Games Workshop

The final three pieces I have for you are kind of our big-hitters of today's video and to start off with, we go to Games Workshop to have a look at their Ophidian Archway. Now, this was created for the Age of Sigmar line of releases but when I saw this and saw the dragon decal, the ruins, and just the overall look and feel of the piece it felt like this could be repurposed as a piece of a dilapidated and ruined Blades outpost. There are the occasional little nods to the Warhammer universe carved into parts of this piece but I think as a whole this piece would fit perfectly. Now the biggest downside of all this is the price, since it’s Games Workshop you are going to be paying perhaps a little bit more than you would for these other pieces with a price-tag of £28 but the quality really does speak for itself.

4. Numinous Occulum - Games Workshop

Following on from this Games Workshop equally have another piece that I thought would fit really well as a Dwemer Oculory and that’s Games Workshops Numinous Occulum. There are so many parts of this that are really reminiscent of a Dwemer Oculory and while it doesn’t really look like a piece you’d perhaps find deep underground I think it could work well as maybe an above-ground Dwemer structure. Again, although the quality of this piece is great you’re going to be paying a LOT more for it and it should be noted that these pieces from Games Workshop come unpainted and unassembled. The Numinous Occulum will set you back £38.

5. Guard Tower - Tabletop World

The final piece of today's video is really the showpiece of the episode too, every time I put together one of these videos I always have one piece of terrain that perhaps is a little bit more expensive but just blows me away with its quality or just how cool it looks and this piece is no different. The Guard Tower from Tabletop World is an absolutely stunning piece that boasts a full interior split across four levels and when fully painted just looks absolutely stunning. Scale-wise it is made with a 28mm scale in mind so it may be a few millimeters smaller than the scale for Call to Arms but honestly, I wouldn’t even care if I had this on my tabletop. This would work great as a real focal point of your table if creating a tundra scene or even as a watchtower for the farm settlement I showed off at the start of the video. Now, this is the most expensive piece I’ll be showing you today with a price-tag of 119 Euro but as with all things the quality really speaks for itself.

All of the pieces of terrain I’ve showcased today can be found at the links in the video description and I’d highly encourage you to go check them out for yourselves. Until next time have a great week and I’ll speak to you all soon.

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