How to Paint Ack Ack from Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Today I'm going to show you how to achieve this paint scheme for Ack Ack, the fearsome Raider leader, using only a handful of paints, right after this.

I base coated Ack Ack with Matte Black and then began by painting her shirt with Army Painters Army Green. I equally painted the recessed sections of the ammo drum on the mini-gun with this colour too as I noticed on some artwork and screenshots that it had more of a green tint to it. It's completely optional but I decided that since it wasn't going to be very noticeable anyway that I might as well take a stab at it.

Next I took Army Painters Deep Blue and painted the jeans or trousers that Ack Ack is wearing. Now if you're painting with Army Painters paint range your Deep Blue may be quite watery like mine, even if you've given it a good shake. Don't worry about this and don't try to load up your brush in order to get coverage, just apply a smooth thin layer and keep reapplying until you've got an even coat over the trousers.

Next I took Army Painters Leather Brown and painted Ack Ack's coat, we will be coming back to this colour later to paint other areas so just keep this paint handy.

For Ack Acks outer shirt, the sleeves that cover her arms I painted this with Army Painters Uniform Grey.

For Ack Acks gloves, boots and the belt around her waist I used Army Painters Dark Stone. This seems like an odd choice on paper but I was using the box art model or promo model paintwork as reference for this and it seemed to be a close enough match. Plus I think painting these with another brown tone would just add way too much brown to the model and make it hard to differentiate between the colours.

For the minigun I applied Army Painters Dungeon Grey to the entire weapon including the bullets, the barrel, the whole thing.

And now onto the final little details, I took some of Army Painters Oak Brown and painted the dirt on the base, then took Leather Brown and painted the planks on the base, the straps on Ack Acks arms, carefully painted the straps around the gloves and also painted the straps and fringe on her boots.

Next I took some Army Painters Uniform Grey and applied this to the bricks that we see on the base as well.

And finally, before we get into weathering, we have the face. For Ack Ack's hair I used Army Painters Desert Yellow and again had to apply a couple of layers here in order to get an even finish and for the face I used Citadels Flayed One Flesh, Ack Ack's skin seems quite pale so I wanted to go a shade lighter than I usually would for a skin base coat.

And now for the trickiest part of painting this model, Ack Ack has some red face-paint or some red markings on her face both in the game and on the paintwork that's shown on the box and I thought for some time on how to easily replicate this on the model without completely messing everything up so here's what I came up with.

I took Army Painters Vampire Red and added a little bit of it to my wet palette, I then took my stippling brush and ran the edge of it through the paint as that's where I wanted the majority of the paint to rest on my brush.

Then I took my cloth or the rag I use to clean off my brushes and dried off any excess water or liquid on the brush, basically the exact same thing I'd do if I was about to dry brush. With that done I then just dabbed the edge of the stippling brush onto Ack Ack's face, it won't be very noticeable at first but as you keep dabbing and reapplying the colour will begin to build up and become more noticeable. Now it's really important that you keep dabbing on the same piece or line on her face and equally it's really important you don't have too much paint on your brush. You can see with my brush I've taken off the majority of the paint and then on subsequent times where I applied it I allowed more paint on the brush as I gained more confidence with it. Just take your time with this and don't rush it, as you apply more layers it'll start to come together.

For weathering I applied a coating of AK Interactives Streaking Grime but unfortunately I had a mishap during the airbrushing and applied way too much. Alternatively you could apply a layer of Strong Tone from Army Painter or Agrax Earthshade and you'd get similar results for weathering but once I'd applied the streaking grime I took my brush with some White Spirits and removed the excess enamel wash.

Now here is a quick spin around of what the model looked like after that stage, as you can see it really dirties up the model and adds a really grimy and grimdark look to them, it's just a little heavy this time due to my airbrush mishap.

So in order to get some of that clarity back I did some edge highlighting on the coat with leather brown and added some more army green to the shirt just to make those areas pop a little more. The final thing I did was drybrush the minigun with some of Army Painters Gunmetal.

And folks that's it! That is how I achieved this look for Ack Ack from Fallout Wasteland Warfare!