How to Paint Skeleton Archer's from Elder Scrolls Call to Arms

Today I'm going to show you how you can paint your Skeleton Archers from Elder Scrolls Call to Arms in a quick and simple painting tutorial. You're only going to need a handful of paints too!

Now this is going to be a relatively straight forward guide in order to get a somewhat similar look and feel to the box-art, we won't be using a lot of paint but in order to get the best result you are just going to have to take your time in order to master those finer details, so let's begin.

To start off with I primed the models in Army Painters Skeleton Bone and then began painting the base with Army Painters Uniform Grey, the reason why we're starting off with the base is that we're going to be doing some drybrushing and it's just so that we can cover up some mistakes simply and easily without having gotten too far ahead with the main body of the model.

Now I should say, the bases you see my models standing on aren't the standard bases for Call to Arms, these are custom bases from Micro Art Studio. I would highly recommend them and I think they look great for the skeleton archers and the dungeon delve kit, if you want to pick up a set for yourself you can do so by clicking here.

You're also going to want to paint the details on the archer's quiver as well as the armoured parts of the bow in Uniform Grey as well.

Next, we're going to take Army Painters Oak Brown and paint the wood of the quiver as well as the bow itself.

For the fletching on the arrows I took Army Painters Deep Blue and applied it there, you may notice that you can see the arrow shafts on some of the models so feel free to base coat those with the Oak Brown too.

Next, we're going to take Citadels Nuln Oil and apply a wash to the base, the entirety of the quiver including the arrows and also the bow. This will help differentiate these areas from the made body of the main body of the model and just helps add a little bit of variety. For me, it helps add a nice gradient to the browns that we'll see on the quiver and bow.

Once the wash has dried I took some Uniform Grey and Matte White in that order and gave the base a drybrush. This is why we haven't gone further with the main body of the skeleton, if any of the drybrush gets onto the bones we can cover those up with some Skeleton Bone without messing up any other steps.

With that done and out of the way we can take some Citadels Agrax Earthshade and give the skeleton's body a wash, this will help age the bones and make them look a little bit more weathered. Now I only applied one wash coat both with the Nuln Oil and the Agrax Earthshade but if you want to go that extra step and apply a second wash coat for extra depth that's completely up to you.

Next, I took some of Citadels Flayed One Flesh and began highlighting the bones of the skeleton quite generously. We're picking out all of the raised areas on the bones and more or less adding this to all but the deepest pits and sockets that we can see. This will be the most time-consuming part of the model and for me, it's also the most nerve-wracking but stick with it and keep highlighting. Just in case you wanted to see the areas that I picked out, here's a quick spin-around of the model for you.

Finally, I took some Army Painters Electric Blue and highlighted the fletching on the arrows in the quiver.

Now if you want to add a little extra touch to your models, you can get the glowing eye effect by painting the sockets with Deep Blue and then just adding a little dot of the electric blue just to highlight it, you could go one further and add an incredibly light drybrush of Electric Blue to make it seem more like they're glowing but if you want to play it super safe like me you can always forgo that step.

And folks that is it, the Skeleton Archers are complete, I hope you've found this guide helpful but thankyou so much for taking time out of your day to spend it here on my site, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos and until next time have a great week and I'll speak to you all soon.

- Samuel