X-01 Power Armour Painting Tutorial from Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Today I'm going to go through my painting tutorial for the X-01 Power Armour from Fallout Wasteland Warfare by Modiphius.

So first of all, I undercoated the entire model using Army Painters Uniform Grey. This is going to really help speed up the painting of the armour as we go forward and just helps streamline our whole process.

Next, I got some Army Painters Dry Rust effect paint and got a relatively fine brush and just went around the model adding little rusty scratches and marks. You don't want to overdo this but you don't want it looking overly sparse either, focus on some of the joins, the bolts and raised edges, basically areas that would suffer a lot of abuse to the elements and wear and tear.

Once it was done my rusty model looked like this, just so you can see how much rust I put on the model.

Next, we're going to take Citadels Nuln Oil and give the armour a wash, this will darken down the grey and prepare it for our metallic stage.

So in order to give the armour that metallic look that we see on the box art I mixed Army Painters Gun Metal and Army Painters Weapon Bronze at a 1:1 ratio. The armour on the box art isn't straight grey metal, there's a little bit of a bronzed tint to it so once you've got this mixture ready you're going to want to drybrush this all over the armour.

Next, I took Army Painters Matte Black and painted the fingers of the gloves of the Power Armour, from some reference images I was working off I saw that the fingers were a lot darker, obviously, this will be different depending on the style of armour you're painting but add this to the fingers and the middle joint of the armour, the sort of under-tubes at the waist...there's definitely a technical term for that area but I've no idea what it is.

Next, I took some Army Painters Leather Brown and just carefully painted the tubes on the back of the armour and on the helmet.

Then we're on to the rifle, first of all, take some Army Painters Army Green and paint the mid-section of the gun. Then I took Citadels Flash Gitz Yellow and painted the underside and this little wire that runs up the side of the rifle as well as the power cartridge near the back of the rifle too. Finish it all off with a wash of Citadels Nuln Oil and the rifle is complete.

Now when it comes to the faces you're going to want to paint the helmet in pretty much the exact same way we've done the rest of the armour. For the Nora and Nate heads though, first off I took Citadels Basilicum Grey Contrast Paint and painted the hair. There's no real proper reason why I used this paint, using Matte Black would be equally fine but I just wanted it to reveal the highlights of the hair so that we didn't have to come back and do that later...total laziness really.

Next, I took a slightly watered down Kislev Flesh from Citadel and painted the skin. Now I left the eye sockets blank because next we're going to take Citadels Reikland Fleshshade and give the flesh a wash and we're going to let that wash seep into the eye sockets and darken them down for us. Finish these faces off by taking the Kislev Flesh once more and just adding it to the raised areas of the face to add a little highlighting.

Then we're onto the base, for the ground and dirt I used Army Painters Oak Brown, the stones are Army Painters Uniform Grey and since we undercoated with this you may find you just need to do some subtle touchups from Oak Brown overspill when painting the dirt.

Add a layer of Nuln Oil to the whole of the base and finish off by drybrushing the dirt with Army Painters Leather Brown, and drybrushing the stones and rocks with Matte White.

Now as for the heads, if you'd like them to be interchangeable as opposed to being forced to choose one and stick with it, get yourself a set of 2mm x 1mm magnets, attach one to the bottom side of each of the heads and one to the area where you would've glued the head onto the Power Armour. I will say, you're going to want to trim the majority, if not all, of the little strut coming out the bottom of the heads so that they sit naturally inside the armour, otherwise, they'll stick out and make it look like the survivors have necks the length of ET. It's super simple to do and you can find these magnets pretty easily online.

And folks that's it, that's how you paint the X-01 Power Armour from Fallout Wasteland Warfare. If you want to pick this model up for yourself there's a link in the video description but in the meantime, I've got a lot more Fallout on the way so feel free to subscribe to be kept up to date but until then have a great week and I'll speak to you all soon!

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